Barry, Jeanne Beçu, countess du

   Born in Vaucouleurs, Jeanne Beçu, countess, or Madame, du Barry, as she is known, was the natural daughter of a seamstress and a tax collector. After a brief convent education and a somewhat restless youth, she became the mistress of the chevalier Jean du Barry and, shortly after, to Louis XV. As his favorite, she had great influence over the king until his death in 1777, when she then retired to her chateau at Louvciennes, near Versailles. Much celebrated for her beauty and wit, she often found herself at the center of court intrigues. She also was a generous patron to many artists and literary figures. In 1792, during the revolution, she made at least one visit to England and then, upon her return to France, was arrested and executed at the beginning of the terror.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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